Guro Michael Jaramillo is an empty-hand combat, edged, and impact weapons specialist. He has been teaching publicly in Tri-Cities, WA since 2019. His goal is to share his knowledge and the effectiveness of the martial arts he has studied over the years. He believes that through the combining of the arts, a person can learn to develop a high level of skill with a wide range of tools faster than a single art alone. He attributes much of his ability to Master at Arms, James A. Keating of Comtech. He holds a Tactical Instructor's Certification and Bowie Knife Instructor's Certification from Comtech with 9 years of training. Guro Michael has a combined 17 years of martial arts experience and has studied concepts from various arts such Kali, Silat, Jeet Kune Do, Red Boat Wing Chun, Fencing, Bowie Fencing, Western Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, and Jujitsu.

"In our game there is no in-between, there is only the skilled or unskilled. There are those that are behind or those that are ahead. No belts, no ranks, no rules. Just you and the challenge in front of you." -Guro Michael