Are you loud enough?

Michael Jaramillo

12/17/20232 min read

Listen, can you hear them? Are they loud enough?

It's time. Pay attention. The ancestors, they have words for you:

"Honor us," They said, "You're living in our world without a care to who paved the way. Without our steps, you wouldn't have crawled."

They demand your respect and respect they have earned.

They gave you blood and now it's your turn to share. Don't ever forget who laid these stones, they shouldn't have to shout. Just listen for a whisper. They don't need much, just don't forget they were there. A candle, a photo, a name, an imprint. Sense their nudge and say your thanks. They will try to point you in the right direction.

Reach, what pulls to you? Are they close enough?

It's the spirits, they have a request:

"You're not insane, just a bit crazy. You're living in two worlds, one deep and one even deeper. This place is home to many. Stop living for yourself. It's not just yours to be in."

You have a path on both sides, but a home in neither.

Make yourself aquatinted with the residents of both and you'll find things more bearable. The spirits ask for an offering. Food, a drink, a color, an alter. Make it known that they are acknowledged. Be a voice when they can't speak. In return they may provide some assistance. If they were troubling you before, now maybe they'll leave you in peace. Many times they just have some insight. Occasionally, some wishes. If you stop to hear what they're saying, you might find yourself in the silence you ask for.

Focus, what presents itself to you? Is it clear enough?

It's your guide, it has a message:

"The worlds you live in can be treacherous and confusing. You will not make it alone, so I am here to watch over you. I will be the light that gives you clarity. I will be the bow that provides. I am your watchman."

The odds are not in your favor, you need all the help you can get.

You're in a place you will no longer fathom. Your logic doesn't weave through the fibers. Your own tools aren't enough. The way of the old world is the only one now. Balance the scales. Your protector is here, they're trying to get your attention. Can you see them? An animal, a god of old, a being of light. They may appear in your dreams, greet you in the day, or persist in your thoughts. If you search hard enough, you'll know which one is there. It asks that you take care of yourself, so that you may take care of the rest. Your blood is no longer your own, share it with the world and pledge it to your path. You're toiling for the future. You'll need the guardian's powers and this is the debt that is owed.

Speak up, can they hear you? Are you loud enough?

Say it:

Blessings to the ones who came before, blessings to those of us now, and blessing to those ahead of us. May we all be guided and stay on the path. May our light never fade and our spirits never waiver. We thank you ancestors, we thank you spirits, we thank you guardians. May our voices be heard.

-MJ 12/17/23