Is ainm dom...

Michael Jaramillo, White Owl

3/28/20241 min read

Two legs walked with four, roots and leaves bathed the earth, plentiful wings soared and could nestle with mirth

An emissary to speak The Green Tongue was needed, so it was I that the Gods fashioned, "Go forth and align these beings," they pleaded

For man, beast, and vines are all akin, similar in their nature, yet only one can sin

When integrity is disturbed and warnings are not hearkened, the vibrant light taken for granted must be despairingly darkened

A debt will be owed, Gaia always gets her wish, her brilliance in me casts out the fiends, it will be accomplished

At twilights hour, in the last breath of man, he lay truly alone, now he must cower

In this time of desperation, he need not be afraid, if his soul follows me home, he won't go astray

Awaiting the cycle to end, he will fertilize his misdoings, until it is time to begin again, time for renewing

Do not meddle in the ways of The Green, flesh, and feathers, for if you do, you may find your earthly rights untethered