Year of the Dragon, is it?

Michael Jaramillo

1/4/20242 min read

2024, the year of the great serpent. A fortunate time, or maybe unfortunate. Beauty is an the eye of the beholder. A curse works the same. Ride this big wave and enjoy or hold on for dear life. Let the dragon's energy take you to higher mountain ranges or let it topple your castle. The time for undertaking is upon you.

If you're seeking for a more pragmatic approach to harness the sky serpents power, maybe try some dragon's breath. No not the plant, the other one (magic wand not included). Flames at your finger tip. This IS 2024. Modern problems call for modern solutions, and we ARE modern warriors, are we not? Do not forget.

Bring it to completion, whatever cycle you're on. Then move to the next. Rinse, transcend, repeat. It's all intertwined, whether you want it to be or not. Will you shudder when confronted with him or will you stare straight back? You can't steer the reigns on this beast. It'll fly forwards with or without you. Either way you'll reach some kind of new beginning.

Pay your respects and ask this great being to dispense it's blessings. Fire feeds fire. Burning intent recognizes a burning intent. Bring forth it's acknowledgement with a blazing gesture. Set yourself up for explosive success in this new year. The greats know every ounce, every inch, every word counts. Need something more specific? There's plenty of attention to grab, just don't get caught in the flames.

Blessings to my left, blessings to my right, blessings in front, and blessings behind. To those of us that came before, those of us now, and those ahead. May we all be blessed in this new year and stay on the path. Happy 2024. -MJ 1/4/24